2017 Top 100 Prospects – Winter Update 51-75

Below is my list of the Top 100 Prospects in SSG Baseball. This list will cover the second quartile of that list (51-75).  If you are not familiar with the concept of Future Value, this excellent article over at Fangraphs will help you. For those of you non-clickers, the long and short of it is this is a single number that attempts to combine both proximity to the majors, along with total ceiling and that prospects chances of reaching it. One other caveat is that a players position on the defensive spectrum factors into his value and positioning on the list as well.  Eg: A defensively solid, slightly above-average bat shortstop will have more value than a first basemen of the same caliber. Have fun, and enjoy the list!


Estimated Prospect Value by FV Grade
Rank Name Team Position Age FV
75 Tyrone Taylor SF CF 23 55
74 Elier Hernandez DET CF 22 55
73 Chad Campbell MIL CF 22 55
72 Lonnie Moore MIA CF 21 55
71 Phil Wright PIT CF 20 55
70 Pat Gawley CHC P 22 55
69 Mike Kelly CHW P 22 55
68 Mike Whiteford TB P 21 55
67 Al Wills BOS P 22 55
66 Josh Moore CIN P 21 55
65 Chris Buckhout MIA P 21 55
64 Tyler O’Neill MIA LF 22 55
63 Spencer Adams WAS P 21 55
62 Jon Vance WAS P 19 55
61 Mario Rivera COL P 18 55
60 Mike Casey PHI P 20 55
59 Tommy Jones TEX P 18 55
58 Jorge Blandón TEX P 17 55
57 Raul Mondesi KC SS 22 55
56 Orlando Arcia DET SS 23 55
55 Derrek McGriff LAA P 21 55
54 Tyler Kolek MIA P 21 55
53 Dave Baker TEX LF 22 55
52 Hansel Moreno NYM SS 21 55
51 Francisco Mejia COL C 22 55


Notable Prospects:

#51 Francisco Mejia, C, COL – Mejia is mostly a finished product at this point, though he’s working on growing into his power a little more as he ages (35/50). While only perhaps an average contact maker (50/50) with average-ish plate discipline (Eye-50/50; Avoid Ks-45/45) it’s really his defensive skill set that makes him stand out. He has an elite arm (75) and is considered among the best defensive rated catchers in the game (70). It’ll be fun to see if his Gap (70/70) power translates to something extremely beneficial while in Colorado. Expect to see him there soon as he hit well enough in for both of his AAA teams last year, including a .305/.351/.439 triple-slash at Alburquerque after his trade in June.

#55 Raul Mondesi, SS, KC – Mondesi is making his last appearance on the Top 100 Prospect list as he’s set to graduate after a handful more of at-bats. Mondesi made it to the Show with the Royals for a cup of coffee in 2016 and showed up in 2017 for a handful of games once again. Considered an immaculate fielder, Mondesi shows great range at SS (70) with a plus arm (65). His ability to run (75) and steal bases (70) makes him an ideal top-of-the-order bat if he can find the type of success he had at AA Northwest Arkansas in 2016: .295/.359/.392.  He’s stalled out a bit on reaching his Contact (50/60) potential and Avoid Ks (45/50), but has fully realized the Gap (65/65) power that scouts have seen in his bat for years. As a switch hitter, he’s equally adept from hitting from both sides of the plate though his left-handed swing is a bit longer than his right-handed swing which causes him to see fewer pitches and swing and miss a bit more.

#65 Chris Buckhout, RHP, MIA – Buckhout joins his teammate Lonnie Moore in the Top 100 and is in a tier with some other notable 21/22 year old pitching prospects.  With apologies to Pat Gawley, Buckhout has the deepest bag of potential plus or plus-plus pitches we’ve seen in the Top 100. It starts with a Fastball (55/70), continues with a Forkball (50/65), adds a Slider (50/70), and finishes with a work-in-progress change-up (35/80) which flashes plus-plus potential at times. He’s proved he has nothing left to prove at the Rookie league stops last year after dominating with a 79:13 K:BB ratio, a 1.97 ERA and an 0.89 WHIP over 68.2IP. If anything derails him at the higher levels it could be the control (35/55) as he’s only rated slightly above average. He’ll really need to dial in and locate with the fastball to set up the good off-speed offerings. Buckhout was the 6th overall selection in the 2017 draft.

#72 Lonnie Moore, CF, MIA – Moore is a former first round pick, 11th overall, from 2015 out of Horizon HS in Scottsdale, AZ.  Moore is not unlike many toolsy, athletic centerfielders out of high school that often times don’t capitalize on their talent right away. Moore has some work to do in 2018 after repeating Short Season A ball in Batavia the last three seasons. He did briefly appear in Greensboro last year, but didn’t fare much better there slashing .246/.288/.358. Moore is the most intriguing CFs in the tier made up of Tyrone Taylor (SF), Elier Hernandez (DET), Chad Campbell (MIL) and Phil Wright (PIT). Moore is potentially an elite baserunner/stealer with plus range (60) and elite ball-tracking skills in centerfield (Errors – 70). Across the board his hitting tools are drool-worthy:  Contact (65), Gap Power (70), Power (60) and Avoid Ks (65). Ultimately it may be his Eye (45) that holds him back from putting it all together.





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