2017 Top 100 Prospects – Winter Update 76-100

Below is my list of the Top 100 Prospects in SSG Baseball. This list will cover the last quartile of that list (76-100).  If you are not familiar with the concept of Future Value, this excellent article over at Fangraphs will help you. For those of you non-clickers, the long and short of it is this is a single number that attempts to combine both proximity to the majors, along with total ceiling and that prospects chances of reaching it. One other caveat is that a players position on the defensive spectrum factors into his value and positioning on the list as well.  Eg: A defensively solid, slightly above-average bat shortstop will have more value than a first basemen of the same caliber. Have fun, and enjoy the list!

Estimated Prospect Value by FV Grade
Rank Name Team Position Age FV
100 Clarence Davis SF P 18 50
99 Ken Walker CLE P 22 50
98 Leonardo Molina ATL CF 20 50
97 Jose Colina CHW C 19 50
96 Jonathon Carroll DET P 24 50
95 Jorge Arroyo PHI P 23 50
94 Luis Torrens NYY C 21 50
93 Pete Keating MIN P 19 50
92 Art Sherrod AZ C 22 50
91 Luis Jean COL 2B 23 50
90 Steve Barnes SD CF 19 50
89 Cristián Colón PHI CF 18 50
88 Manuel Margot CHW CF 23 50
87 Chris Jenkins DET CF 19 50
86 Esteban Vázquez CHC RF 18 50
85 Amerigo Maria Lamb KC CF 19 50
84 Dave Hopper CHC CF 19 50
83 Blake Anderson MIA C 21 50
82 Henry Hirsch PIT P 25 50
81 Rafael Devers BOS 3B 21 55
80 Julio De La Cruz PIT 3B 22 55
79 Dan Crawford AZ P 21 50
78 Gleyber Torres CHC 3B 20 55
77 Angel Aguilar NYY SS 22 55
76 Curt Wilkerson ATL P 21 55


Notable Prospects:

#77 Angel Aguilar, SS, NYY – Aguilar, already considered a gifted defender at shortstop, struggled in his first full season of AA ball. The Venezuelan native is lauded for his ability to make solid contact (60) and avoid strikeouts (60), but after posting a .274/.345/.368 line at Tampa in 2016 his prospect star faded a little at Trenton (.253/.299/.339). The bat will need to come along in the 2018 campaign for the 22 year old to continue his march toward New York. Aguilar is currently upset at the Yankees organization for something, so we’ll see what kind of attitude he shows up to camp with this spring.

#84 Dave Hopper, CF, CHC –  I’m not entirely certain why Hopper is a Centerfielder. His high school team must have just needed an athlete at the position. He will clearly need to find another spot within the organization as he neither has the arm (55), range (55), speed (45) or rating (25) to play centerfield. Coach, he can’t be, centerfield! What he will do, however, is hit the crap out of the ball. He’s got nice bat to ball skills (60 Contact / 55 Avoid Ks), and gap (70) and homerun power (60) to grow into. Hopper was the 13th pick in the 2nd round of the 2017 draft and is currently playing in the Dominican Rookie League.

#91 Luis Jean, 2B/SS/3B, COL –  Jean is often times overlooked as a prospect because his bat isn’t as flashy as his glove, but don’t tell him that. After half a season at Modesto last year where he triple-slashed .228/.311/.301, Jean was promoted to AA and eventually to AAA to end the season. While at AA New Britain the young infielder did nothing but mash producing a .349/.397/.442 line over 36 games.  After being promoted to AAA Alburquerque he put up a .397/.423/.471 line in 18 games to close out a fantastic year.

#100 Clarence Davis, RHP, SF –  Davis was drafted with the 5th overall pick in the 2017 draft out of Bethany HS (OK). Despite not having a quality fastball offering (Sinker-55), he does feature three potential plus pitches:  Curveball (60), Slider (65), and Changeup (70). He’s regarded as an extreme groundball pitcher and sits around 90-92mph with the sinker. Though hitters know his bread and butter pitch is the change-up and when he’s on he’s got batters driving it into the ground all game long.




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