SSG Mulling Over NFL Software Choices

nflFOF vs PFS vs BTS? That’s the ultimate question.

With the professional football season approaching this fall, a decision will need to be made as to what software we will use. Solecismic’s Front Office Football is a true testament to the genre, being one of the best sports simulators ever created. Its look is a bit dated, but no one can argue its accuracy. Barcode Games’ Professional Football Simulator is relatively new to the scene and is a well-made game, designed specifically with online leagues in mind. PFS also allows us the ability to import college players from Bowl Bound College Football–a  huge plus in its favor. Beyond the Sidelines has not announced its release date yet, and while it’s expected to be another stellar game from the folks at Out of the Park Developments, we do run the risk of it being a bit unstable upon first release.

Another option that was brought to my attention was trying to hire someone to create software that would allow us to export our Bowl Bound College Football players and convert the draft class into an importable file for use in Front Office Football.

With Front Office Football now available on Steam, Solecismic is making a push to really ramp up the game’s visual appeal which could push FOF to be the frontrunner to use for SSG’s NFL experience.

So what are your thoughts? Which software should we use when considering both the present and the future? Which software allows us the most immersion, entertainment, and realism? Check out the forums to discuss the direction SSG takes with their pro football experience.

Mike Lowe