Building a Team, to Build a Team

White Sox new assistant GM hits the ground running.


In a move that surprised some in the SSG world, the Chicago White Sox brought in the first human assistant GM to help GM Jeff Copeland. “I just felt that Justin could help keep tighter control on things that seemed to get lost in the shuffle” Copeland said.


Copeland said that Justin has been handed the keys to the Minor Leagues. “Justin’s main focus is on our farm system. I gave him several large challenges and he is working diligently to meet his KPI’s. In actuality he is the GM when it comes to the minor league system, and I am providing him support.”


The transition has been relatively seamless for Copeland and the whole White Sox front office. “Justin and I have clicked from day one. He’s got a similar vision for what he wants out of players to what I want and that has helped tremendously. The hardest part for me is just remembering that I have him as a resource so I can get his input on moves. He always has a slightly different take on things and it really helps me avoid blind spots.”


Justin Jones is still adjusting to his new job in Chicago. “Right now I am still trying to get my feet wet and learn what I can about our team to help build us for a playoff run in the future. I believe divisions are won years before the season is played through building a great farm system and that’s what I am looking to do for the White Sox organization and the people of Chicago. After all this is the only team to bring a World Series trophy back to the city in the last 100 years. My job is to make sure we are prepared to keep going year after year.”  


Jerry Reinsdorf Jr. was not available for comment but several league sources said that he is fully supportive of this hire. It’s said the understanding is that while Copeland is fully responsible for the teams failures, the owner is fully supportive of Jones being given latitude within the organization.

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