C is for Change: Cleveland Spiders Newest Change to Sports Landscape

The Cleveland Indians and their team’s previously themed imagery is no more as the Cleveland Spiders identity has been adopted by the franchise, effective immediately.

With the news earlier this year that the SSG Pro Football Washington Redtails had undergone an imagery change, the baseball team in Cleveland has decided to follow suit.

It has been voiced repeatedly by a number of advocacy groups that the imagery presented by these teams were not suitable for the 21st Century, and SSG Baseball is proud to unveil the new threads for the Cleveland Spiders for 2016.









The Pittsburgh Pirates minor league affiliate in Indianapolis (now the Arrows) as well as the Texas Rangers minor league affiliate in Spokane (now the Tribe) have also made changes. The Cleveland franchise has made changes as well to their teams playing in the Arizona and Dominican Summer Leagues.

The Cleveland Spiders were originally a professional team which played between 1887 and 1899 in Cleveland.

Mike Lowe


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