Can Young Stars Rekindle Rivalry?

Most fans of this generation do not remember the glory days of the Oilers/Flames rivalry.

If you’re old enough though you definitely know that this is one of the biggest rivalries in hockey.  I’m sure many Oiler fans would LIKE to forget Steve Smith scoring into his own net to send the Flames to the Stanley Cup in 1986….

With the glut of first round picks recently, especially the addition of phenom Connor McDavid, the Oilers seem ready to join the young Flames in the playoff race in the west very soon.

Last year was the Flames first appearance in quite some time, powered by young studs Sean Monahan, Johnny Gadreau, and now Sean Bennett, and also anchored by captain Mark Giordano.

Next week the rivals meet for the first time and hopefully it will be the first of many memorable games for these young players.  The West race is tough, however, and it may be difficult to break into the top 8 this year.

One thing is for sure, though.  The Calgary and Edmonton fans have a great dislike for each other and the young stars of both teams will soon learn to feel the same.



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