Chicago White Sox throwing in the towel?

GM Jeff Copeland refused to answer questions about the rumors around the White Sox fire sale, but several team sources confirmed that the Chicago is actively shopping some big names.

“We know he is looking to move Jose Bautista, Jeff Samardzija, Anibal Sanchez,and Jose Quintana for sure, but office talk says no one is safe” said one staffer on the condition of anonymity. Several other league sources confirmed this info. One Blue Jay staffer confirmed that he had heard the name Buatista but would not speak to any other names.

A copy of an internal email was found by this website and can be viewed here:

Does this mean that Copeland is on the hot seat? Jerry Reinsdorf Jr. continued his media blackout and refused to answer repeated calls to his office. It definitely points to a rebuild beginning in Chicago.

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