Danny Williams – Houston Astros GM


Each month, SSG will feature a member of our community. Read below to find out more about our very own Houston Astros GM Danny Williams!

Could you provide us with a brief overview of your sports simulation experience? What games do you play? How did you get started? What leagues have you been a part of? What brought you to SSG?
Well to provide a brief overview of my sim sports experience, the only sim games I’ve played is OOTP. I started with 2014. I got started after Google searching ‘games like Moneyball’ haha. So OOTP came up. I’ve recently started to play Eastside Hockey Manager, and I plan to buy Football Manager. SSG is the only league I’ve been a part of. The realism of the league brought me to OOTP. My experience in SSG has been so awesome; it’s very realistic, and all the other GM’s make the league enjoyable.

Obviously you bring a unique angle to our league being a division I NCAA football player at Tulsa. How does this ‘real world sports’ and our fictional world coexist in your life? Do they both find ways to surprise you?
Being a D1 football player at TU is awesome, but seeing it from the fictional world and seeing everything that goes into running a college football team is pretty amazing. Things such as recruitment in something that can be compared to the game because I remember when being recruited and how much attention I got. Both real life and fiction surprise me haha.

Being a sophomore (I think now?!), do you already have an idea of what career path you’d like to pursue beyond football?
Yes, I am a sophomore. I do have an idea of my career path–I’m a double major in energy management and finance, and minor in economics, so I plan on working in the oil and gas industry and going to law school. My retirement job would probably be working somewhere in sports management.

Outside of football, what has surprised you most about college?
Outside of football, the most surprising thing of college is the connections you make and the people you’ll meet from different countries and cultures. Great to see diversity.

What other hobbies do you have? What sort of quirks or what would we never believe about you unless you told us?
A couple of hobbies I have include playing piano, watching any sport you can name (except golf). Something you guys probably couldn’t believe is I love music, man. I love making music and listening to it. Also, I love nature lol.

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