Jets, Seahawks agree on Trade

The Seattle Seahawks traded WR Chris Givens to the NY Jets today for the Jets 2018 4th round draft pick. The Jets have numerous injuries at the receiver position, which lead them to inquire on the availability of Givens. The Seahawks, for their part, have some young up and comers they’re anxious to get on the field. Winston Booker was drafted as the heir apparent to Givens, but they were surprised in Training Camp with the emergence of Rookie UDFA Bryson Fite. A rare combination of size and speed, the Seahawks felt they simply couldn’t keep him off their roster, leading to the opportunity to move on from one of their veterans.

Seattle will eat 2 million in bonus money due Givens next year, as well as the bonus remaining for this season. Givens was acquired prior to the 2016 season in a fiercely competitive FA bidding war. He contributed 49 catches for 565 yards and 3 TD’s in 13 starts for Seattle.

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