Jinx This

Denver, CO -(AP)   Since comparing the 21-6  April record of his Rockies  to that of some of the greatest teams of all time Phil Macioce’s team has stumbled to a 6-9 record since, bringing them back to the rest of the pack in the NL.

Macioce has been clearly irritated by the attention that has been given recently to the possibility that he has jinxed his team with such talk.  He answered one question in an interview yesterday with his best Allen Iverson imitation. “Jinx? We’re talking about a jinx? We’re playing like (expletive)! There’s no jinx!”

When another reporter persisted he grabbed a mirror from a nearby locker and smashed it over his head. Storming out with blood dripping down his face, Macioce shouted back, “There! How’s that for bad luck?  That’s what I think of your jinx!”

He was spotted today in Minnesota with several stitches above one eye, watching the Rockies hammer three home runs to crush the Twins 8-1 to salvage a game from the series. Maybe his tirade had an effect.

When asked if Macioce’s actions made a difference to the team, left fielder Corey Dickerson said, “Sure. It was my mirror but yeah the guys loved it. I hit one out today so maybe he should break my mirror every day.”

The Rockies currently have a 4 game lead over 2nd place San Fransisco and move on to Cincinnati tomorrow to face the surging Reds.


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