Macioce Needs to Make Decisions….Now.

Denver, CO – (AP) With a World Series title under their belts and playing 21 games over .500 you would think everyone went whistling to work in the administrative offices of the Colorado Rockies, but that is far from the case. Behind closed doors the indecision of GM Phil Macioce is creating some tension on the field that may derail a 2nd consecutive championship run.

What could be the problem? Having at least seven legitimate starting pitchers all vying for starts at the ML level and Macioce’s unwillingness to choose a set five-man rotation is wearing thin with the players and fans. As the trade deadline looms it seems that at least one move would need to be made if not more with several players being major league ready in Albuquerque making the situation even more tense.

With Willy Peralta, Eddie Butler, and Adam Wainwright as a top three that can rival any in the SSG, it’s the bottom two slots that have been a merry go round all year for World Series MVP Tyler Matzek, Brett Anderson of the 12M price tag, and the two young guns Steven Matz and Tyler Pill (both acquired form the Mets in the Carlos Gonzales deal.)

The unpopular decision to move Matzek to the bullpen didn’t get off to a good start Saturday night as the southpaw gave up a walk off single to Starling Castro and the same New York Mets. Ironically, Steven Matz lost to his former teammates the very next day in his 2nd consecutive start.

Phil Macioce claims that a fix isn’t as easy as everyone is claiming. “Finding a trading partner is very difficult when you feel like your set at the ML level in the field. Most teams aren’t willing to give up top prospects, which is what we’d be after. Add to that, we’ve got a handful of guys that already probably deserve to be up here at other positions. Don’t get me wrong, everyone would love this problem but it doesn’t make it as easy to deal as most of the fans seem to think.”

Even more frustrating for the Rockies brass, one of the major players involved in trade rumors is a division rival also in the playoff hunt, the San Fransisco Giants. That is a deal that is never easy to make. Regardless, Macioce has two weeks to make a decision, which is what he is obviously paid to do. In 2016 he could do no wrong. It’ll be interesting to see if he can pull the right strings and recreate the magic this summer in Colorado.




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