Marlins Fish GM Nate Brooks out of San Fransisco

The Miami Marlins officially announced the signing of GM Nate Brooks to a multi year deal today.

Rumours began to surface yesterday that a front office move from the San Fransisco Giants to the Marlins may be happening

After a couple seasons of front office turmoil the Marlins were able to pry the 35 year old executive out of San Fransisco to Miami, no details were given on if any compensation was arranged between the two teams.

During the press conference, the new GM was asked about what direction he intends to take with the Miami Marlins.

” When this opportunity came about to come to Miami, it was a really difficult decision to leave what we had started to build in San Francisco. I wan’t to thank Giants owner Laurence Baer first and foremost for believing in me when he first hired me two year ago and for his decision to allow me to pursue this next step in my career. Miami fans are the greatest in baseball though and deserve another team that will contend for a championship. What they also deserve though is for a team to stay together and let this fan base become invested. We are going to scour the globe for players who are going to play an aggressive brand of baseball.  Players who will put the ball in play and challenge teams to defend against them. We want to keep the opponent on their toes and uncomfortable at every turn. We are going to play tough gritty defense each and every night. This is going to take time, the fan base has heard this but I think they know we are going to have to suffer through some pain to come out stronger.”

Sources said that it came down to a tight decision between Nate Brooks and another unnamed executive. Some rumors even indicate that owner Jeffrey Loria may have used a random name generator to make his final decision. When questioned about this GM Nate Brooks was quoted: ” I guess the generator picked wisely then”

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