MVP!!! Now What?

Denver, CO – (AP)   You would think it would be hard to top 2015 for Troy Tulowitzki of the Colorado Rockies.  An average of .299 with 36 HRs, 109 RBI and 112 runs scored. This year also saw another All Star selection and a Silver Slugger Award, as he was able to avoid the injury bug that has plagued him in years past.

Finally, as of today,  Troy Tulowitzki is now your NL MVP for 2015.

The perfect ending to a fairy tale year right?

Don’t tell that to the 31 year old mega-star shortstop.  If you ask him reaching .500 on the last game of the season, one of the team’s major goals, might have been his highlight.

“It gives us hope. We all just want to play deep into October. Don’t get me wrong.  All these awards are nice and I’ll cherish them forever.  But I want the REAL trophy. I want the one that goes on my finger.”

Will that happen in Denver? At 31 Troy is signed for several more years with the Rockies but can he stay there and achieve  this final dream? Or will he be somewhere else next July searching for the ring?

Trade rumors have dogged him for the last year but he and the team held course and are trying to rebuild on the run. They sport a prolific lineup and have just added Justin Smoak, but many believe a title will NEVER come to a team playing in Coor’s Field no matter how many pitching prospects they run out to the mound.

2016 will be a make or break year for both the Rockies organization and Troy Tulowitzki but for now he can relax and maybe build a bigger awards showcase in the den during the off season.

But you can bet he’ll be leaving a space next to the 2015 MVP Award for the one he really wants to win: A World Series Crown.


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