New GM Announced in Columbus

columbus blue jackets

Danny Decker was announced today as the new GM of the Blue Jackets. Patience will be needed according to Decker “Let’s not kid ourselves here, there is some work to be done before we can be considered a contender. I want the fans to understand that although we might not win a cup in the next year or two, we have a great group of talented young players and we will develop them and bring in the necessary pieces to succeed.”

Decker also shared some of his longer term vision for the team. “I believe in having a core group of leaders that are not only skilled leaders on the ice but also in the locker room, and surrounding those leaders with right players. I believe that defense wins championships, we will build the team from the back end out. You can’t win without D and solid goaltending. This will be a priority for me as we start this (hopefully) long and successful journey.”

When asked how long he expects it will take before the Cup has a legitimate chance of being raised in Ohio for the first time he responded, “it takes time to do this the right way i don’t want to promis any timetables but i do want to promise that this will be done the right way and we will build something that will be competitive year after year, with that said we should be competing when our current group of young players is in their prime 3-5 years from now.”

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