NFL Washington Redtails Announce Name Change, New Logo

After much speculation and debate, the NFL franchise in Washington D.C. finally has a new nickname.

Owner Daniel Snyder had been reluctant to issue a name change, however newly appointed GM Mike Lowe made it clear what his first order of business would be upon being hired–remove the team’s imagery which has been disrespectful towards the Native American population since the team’s inception.

“While certain nicknames are honorable and are embraced by the communities they represent, the former nickname of this team was derogatory, and frankly, embarrassing,” said Lowe.  “My final requested term upon accepting the GM job here was that a name change be approved immediately upon my hiring.”

Lowe now has his wish, as seen in the image shown here.

The Redtails organization has decided to use the same color scheme, but a new nickname–one that now represents the Tuskegee Airmen of the United States Air Force during World War II.

“This was never an issue about ‘moving the team,’ or anything like that. We want to be here in D.C.,” said Lowe. “It was simply a respect issue, and one that took far too long to happen to begin with. I’m glad this has been resolved, and I’m glad the Washington football team will be honoring such an important part of our country’s history.”

Mike Lowe

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