Showdown in The Bayou

With the new playoff system in place in college football one loss doesn’t end your national title hopes like it may have in the past. Two? Now that’s a different story.

The #5 Georgia Bulldogs will travel into the Bayou to battle SEC rival #7 LSU and both teams have suffered an early loss in conference play already. The loser may have to not only kiss national title hopes good bye but will most likely be out of the running for a conference title shot.

Georgia, who was just #1 in the country two short weeks ago is suddenly staring a mediocre season in the face after falling at home to the Florida Gators last week. Star QB Charles Wallace remains academically ineligible for the 3rd straight week and the Dawgs are being led by sophomore David Woodson. On the bright side WR Chris Engel will return to help Woodson out and spark the Georgia attack.

LSU, led by QB Virgil Wiley, lost their only game to #3 Auburn a few weeks ago, but the Tigers will at least have the home field advantage this Saturday in this enormously important showdown.


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