SSG Baseball – Rules

SSG Baseball Rules

I. League Settings

Commissioner: Mike Lowe

Assistant Commissioner(s): Paul Denyer, Jason Arnett

Aside from the screenshots linked below, SSG Baseball has set the following roster restrictions for minor league teams:

AAA: 25 man rosters, no age restrictions
AA: 25 man rosters, no age restrictions
A (advanced): 30 man rosters, no one over the age of 27
A: 30 man rosters, no one over the age of 26
A (short season): 35 man rosters, no one over the age of 25
Rookie: 35 man rosters, no one over the age of 24

Global Settings

Players and FaceGen





II. Transactions

A. Contracts

SSG Baseball handles all contracts, including extensions, within the game itself–if the software will allow it and the player accepts, you’re free to offer whatever contract and incentives you wish.

B. Trading

1. Non-Waiver Trades

The non-waiver trade period runs from the end of the World Series up until July 31st, midnight ET.

Minor league players with only a minor league contract can be traded at any time.

Note: Recently drafted players cannot be traded for one calendar year, and we do not allow player to be named later (PTBNL) trades

A trade must fit the following criteria in order for it to be processed:

• A thread must be started on the forum listing the players involved as well as the team and level the player can be found in that team’s most recent export

• The other team(s) involved must reply and approve the deal in the same thread

• Both teams must provide reasoning for the deal. A paragraph wouldn’t kill anyone

• The trade must NOT add to a team’s negative “Total Money Available” balance. “Total Money Available” can be found in the Front Office–>Finances–>Budget Information screen
Note: In the offseason, teams can increase their available cash at the expense of lowering their scouting and/or development budget

• The players involved in the deal must not be injured (failed physical), but can be dealt if their injury is only day-to-day

2. Waiver Trades

The waiver trade period runs the entire month of August.

Like with non-waiver trading, minor league players with minor league contracts may be traded at any time. They do not need to be passed through waiver first during this period.

In order for a waiver trade to succeed:

• The two teams must first agree to a deal

• The two teams must put all players involved in the deal through waivers

◦ The game will say that they are being placed on irrevocable waivers, but in actuality, they are revocable, meaning you have the option to remove a player from waivers if they get claimed

◦ If a player is claimed, you’ll receive an email stating which team has put in the claim and whether or not you’d like to pull the player from waivers

• Once all of the players have cleared waivers, the trade may be posted to the forum (same rules apply)

Note: A player remains on waivers for 3 days, but with our sims always ending on the mornings of the actual day, this time window closes faster than you may realize. For instance, if you place a player on waivers on a Wednesday and export, he will clear waivers following the Friday night sim, since it will then be Saturday morning. So any deal you make would need to be completed before the sim runs Friday night, or 48 hours after the player is placed on waivers in a one-day simulation.

C. Miscellaneous

1. Playoff Roster Eligibility

A player must be on the 40-man roster to be eligible for the playoffs, otherwise they are not eligible to be added to the parent club’s playoff roster.

III. GM Activity Expectations

You must export at least once a week during the entire calendar year (not just the regular season). If you are to be gone for an extended period of time, please post in the Away forum. If an export is not received at least once during any 1-week period, you will be replaced.