SSG Pro Football Week Three Game of the Week.

Sunday, September 24th

Washington Redtails @ Green Bay Packers

Two undefeated teams face each other in Week 3 and what could be a potential Playoff matchup later this season.

Washington Run Offense versus Green Bay Run Defense

No one has run the ball more than the Redtails through the first two weeks. They will hit the Pack with a dual threat of Morris and Jones both of whom are averaging over 4.5 yards per carry. They run the ball up the middle and to the left side mostly, taking advantage of the talent up front in C Lichtensteiger, LG Long and LT Williams. I think they can be even more successful giving the majority of the work to Morris who can get it the tough yards up the middle but he can also take it to the outside for a big gain. The Packers have been strong against the run the first couple of weeks, so it will be interesting to see who will have the upper hand here. The Pack has talented run defenders at the line and at Linebacker and I believe both could end up canceling each other out.


Green Bay Run Offense versus Washington Run Defense

The Packers are hurting here as the Offensive Line is banged up. They go into this game missing two of their best offensive linemen, the biggest loss being All-Pro LG Sitton out for 11 weeks and RT Bulaga out for 13 weeks. With these two out it is tough to see where Lacy will get his yards and they go up against the leagues #1 run defense after the first two games. You will more than likely see a lot of runs to the outside and let Lacy use his speed. He has good hole recognition if the line can give him an opening he can take advantage but that is a big ask for this line. The Redskins Dline is not particularly strong on paper but it is getting the job done, they do have one of the more talented LB corps in the league though.

VERDICT: Washington

Washington Pass Offense versus Green Bay Pass Defense

Manziel has been the starter for the first two weeks and has done a pretty good job for them. Rookie Chrisman sits on the sidelines waiting his chance but as long as Manziel continues to manage the offense the way he has, this is his job. They focus on short passes and using the ability of veteran receiver DeSean Jackson to take those short passes and turn them into big gains. Manziel has done a great job of spreading the passes around, making it difficult for defenses to focus on one receiver. On the Defensive side of the ball, the Packers are the worst rated Pass Defense after two weeks, the Holdout of Clinton-Dix has hurt. They do have 3rd year corner Randall but teams have been throwing away from him and it has been paying off especially with Browner being out for 16 weeks with injury, they have to rely on Blake or Rollins to get the job done.

VERDICT: Washington

Green Bay Pass Offense versus Washington Pass Defense

If the Packers are going to win this game it is going to have to be from their pass attack, again though with that banged up offensive line protecting the QB could be a problem. The Redskins have not got to the QB much in the first two weeks but you might see that change against this line. If QB Rodgers is given the time, he has the weapons to do some damage with a quality Tight End and two talented wide receiver options. The Redtails have could coverage Linebackers that will help in the short passes across the middle. I think the Pack can take advantage of the deep threat option Devante Adams gives them.

VERDICT: Green Bay


Plain and simple, this game will be decided in the trenches. Can the inexperienced Packers Offensive Line get the job done against the Redskins Defensive Line. Ryan Kerrigan of the Redtails going up against LT Collin Brice of the Packers will be a matchup to watch.


Washington Redskins 21 Green Bay Packers 17



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