SSG Week Two Game of the Week Preview

Sunday, September 17th

New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons

Two of the league’s more talented rosters in the SSG meet in Week 2. With both teams winning their opening games this makes for an intriguing matchup.

Jets Rushing Offense against Falcons Run Defense

The Jets do not have a star running back but 7 year veteran Powell plays well above his ratings. Rushing for 1602 yards last season and 112 yards last week against the Dolphins, this guy gets the job done. He takes advantage of stud Center Mangold and Left Guard Carpenter, behind these guys is where the Jets will focus their rushing attack. The rushing threat also comes from QB Petty’s running ability to keep the defense guessing. On the defensive side, the Falcon’s struggled in Week One against the Saints to stop the run. They face a similar rushing attack in the Jets and could struggle to defend another mobile QB and a RB that see’s the hole well and exposes it. They have Linebackers that are strong against the run and will be tough to run against the right side of their defense. Considering the Jets will run to the strength of their line, the left side, I see the Falcon’s struggling to stop the run again.

Verdict: JETS


Falcons Rushing Offense against Jets Run Defense

Freeman and Coleman will share carries on the ground, Freeman will get the majority of the carries. Freeman is a more all rounded back than Coleman but both could struggle to have consistency running behind a very young offensive line. They will certainly run behind LT Matthews more often than not. However, they go up against a very talented run defense with the likes of LDE Wilkerson and DT’s Allen and Williams up the middle. They have talented linebackers also against the run making this a very tough matchup for Atlanta.

Verdict: JETS


Jets Passing Offense against Falcons Pass Defense

The Jets Pass attack may not be spectacular but it is efficient. Petty will manage the game well, look for him to utilize the Tight End Amaro often. They will need to get WR Smith into the game more, this guy has the ability to get lots of yardage after the catch but was only targeted twice last week. The Falcon’s will look to double team Smith as the options drop off considerably past Smith. The corners for Atlanta are talented and will make it tough on the Jets receivers and with Linebackers that have strong pass coverage skills I can see it being a long day for Petty and the Jets pass attack. LDE Beasley for Atlanta will win the battle against RT Bell and could force Petty into some mistakes as he is forced to hold onto the ball too long due to lack of weapons being open to throw to.

Verdict: FALCONS


Falcons Passing Offense against Jets Pass Defense

Atlanta has one of the best pass attacks in the SSG with Matt Ryan being one of the best QBs in the league. He takes advantage of his weapons, whether it be little dump offs to Freeman or short passes across the middle to TE Stevens. Or short or deep passes to rookie Mueller and stud veteran Julio Jones makes this a tough attack to stop. Be careful double-teaming Jones, because Mueller and Stevens will hurt you. Go man to man with Jones and he will KILL you. Last week the Jet’s defense was impressive, but the Dolphins pass offense is nowhere near the talent of Atlanta. The Jets have two very talented but getting older corners that might have difficulted covering the talented receivers of Atlanta. If the Jets are to have a chance it will be in their pass rush ability from the likes of the linebackers and DE Wilkerson to get to Ryan.

Verdict: FALCONS



Julio Jones goes up against two talented but getting old corners. This will be a matchup to watch as Jones could light up this Jet’s secondary.



Atlanta Falcons 24 New York Jets 14


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