Pelicans have Philadelphia on the Ropes

With a 3-1 lead the New Orleans Pelicans will look to finish the Philadelphia 76ers tonight. GM Patrik Lovberg has done a masterful job since taking over this year. Although they made the playoffs last year, New Orleans did not make it out of the first round then.  New Orleans has had success in this series by playing very good defense. Although Klay Thompson has had some success, New Orleans has locked down the rest of the Sixer’s roster.

GM Jeff Copeland said that although the Sixers are happy with getting this far, they are still hopeful to bring home a championship. “No one expected us to be here this season, but now that we are here we are pushing for a Championship. New Orleans is a very good team so we definitely weren’t expecting an easy series.”

New Orleans is looking for the first franchise Championship and wants to wrap this up at home tonight.

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