Civilization VI Weekly Multiplayer Game


While each game may bring a unique twist to the settings we use, below is the standard schedule and setup that we’ll play most games with. Participation is open to anyone who wants to play in a given week. If I am not hosting the game for that week, we can assign the duty to someone else.


Weekday Game: Thursday, 7pm-9pm ET
Weekend Game: Sunday, 11am-1pm ET

We will schedule two games a week, and with every new session, a new game will begin.

Game Setup

Map Options

Difficulty: Prince (online default)
Ruleset – Standard Rules
Game Name: Mike Lowe SSG’s Game (Steam name is Mike Lowe SSG)
Private Game
Turn Timer: Dynamic Turn Timer
Turn Mode: Dynamic Turns
Start Era: Ancient Era
Game Speed: Online
Map: Shuffle
Map Size: Small (will adjust for number of players, but Small is for 6 players)
Resources: Random
Start Position: Balanced

Victory Conditions

Culture Victory: Yes
Domination Victory: Yes
Religious Victory: Yes
Science Victory: Yes
Score Victory: Yes

Advanced Options

Limit Turns: By Game Speed (game ends at 2050)
Duplicate Leaders: No
Barbarians: Yes
Tribal Villages: Yes