Discord for Ward in KC

TURMOIL in Kansas City as starting QB Christopher Ward hits the trade block.  The front office has declared that it is open to trading Ward, a decision that the player has not taken lightly.  He is not a happy bunny.  If traded, it is likely that KC will go with the pretty much untested Tyler Bray under center in 2018.

In an outburst to whoever cared to listen, Ward declared the decision “dumb” and questioned the sanity of new GM Craig Jackson.  “I really don’t understand this decision, it’s dumb,” fumed Ward, “I don’t like what the new GM is doing to the team, he’s crazy. I’ve already seen quite a few of my teammates shipped out and it looks like I am next for the chop.”  Ward added that, “I guess he doesn’t like any quarterback who is a little undersized or who doesn’t have the strongest arm.  I realise my limitations, but I know my strengths.  I’m one of the most accurate passers in the league and I’ve got great pocket presence. I don’t get flustered, I can avoid those rushers coming off the edge and still throw pinpoint passes.”  Ward capped off his speech by reiterating that, “It’s a crazy, crazy, decision.”

When Jackson was later questioned about Ward’s remarks, his comments were somewhat calmer than those of his erstwhile starter, “It’s a shame Christopher has taken this decision badly, although I am pleased that he is disappointed as it shows what a good competitor he is.  I think Christopher is a fine quarterback but we have another guy here who deserves an opportunity and we have to consider every player’s market value as part of the due diligence process that I have put in place.  Christopher is no exception to that process.”  After being pressed for reasons why Ward was on the block, Jackson said, “It’s purely to enable us to improve our overall roster.  Christopher is not going to be released, but we will consider a suitable trade.  He is a proven starting quarterback, but we have another guy that we think can play at the top level too. In a perfect world we’d keep both, but we have too many holes to fill across the roster and we have to see what interest there is from other teams.  It’s not often that a team is in a position to benefit from trading a player of Christopher’s calibre and we need to see what other teams are willing to exchange for him.”

Ward already has an impressive resume in what is still a fledgling career.  He has passed for almost 5,000 yards and put up a QB rating of 85.3 in 10 starts last season, throwing 15 TDs to only 8 interceptions.  Despite not being noted for a strong arm, he more than capably lead a vertical passing offence, with an impressive completion average of 12.8 yards.  Slotted into a team that relies more on a short passing game that better embraces his skill-set, his performances are likely to be enhanced further.

In exchange for the talented young passer, Kansas City is after a two-for-one deal comprised of high draft picks and/or equally talented young players still under their rookie contract.

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