How to Create Website Content


Posts are created with your WordPress account which is important to note is a separate account from your forum account. Your WordPress account will have the rights to write a “post” which is essentially any sort of content appearing on the main website that isn’t driven by Slack/Juicer (see below). Posts can take on many forms, and we primarily use them to write news stories/editorials, deeper stats/analysis segments, and even media such as podcasts and videos.

  • Once logged in with your WordPress account, you can create a post by click on the “+ New” button at the top of your browser’s window, and then clicking “Post.”
  • Depending on your content, you’ll want to assign your media to the appropriate sport/category (can use multiple).
    • For a post to appear in the primary news section, only select the sport(s).
    • For a post to appear in another section of the website, be sure you also add the appropriate category for that section in addition to the sport(s).
    • Your post will default to the “Do Not Use” category if you post without selecting a category, but please, do NOT use the “Do Not Use” category!
    • General News should only be used for stories about SSG itself, and not any one particular league.

In using an image, the best size to use is one that is 563×353 pixels. Images must be uploaded and then inserted into the “featured image” area which can be found in the lower right-hand side of your post/draft. If you want an image to also appear inside of the story itself after it’s opened, insert it into the story as well, the same place where your text goes.

Spend a moment and give your post a good proofreading before publishing. You can also save posts as drafts and come back to finish them later on.

Slack/Juicer Integration

You can also post content to certain sections on the website by using our private Slack channel. You should have received an invite to our Slack channel after receiving your welcome email.

  • The Wire – You can post what equates to a quick news briefing along with an image to the “thewire” channel in our Slack channel.
    • The name of your image will be the headline of your content. You can edit this name before publishing.
    • You’ll have space to add a write-up which is equally as important as the image.
    • Juicer will eventually pull your submission from that Slack channel and publish the content to the website.
    • Note: There is no way to edit a submission with an image, so ensure things are how you want them. If you do make a mistake, you can delete the content and try again.
  • Rumor Mill – The Rumor Mill works exactly the same way as The Wire. The only differences here are:
    • Writing style – Think about how rumors are written as they typically will say something like “Sources have indicated…”
    • Note: We do not use images in the Rumor Mill.