Luke Sweeney – Washington Capitals

The Basics

What is your name? Luke Sweeney
How old are you? 25
Where are you from? I’m from Toronto, but I’ve also lived in San Diego and currently reside in Montreal
What do you do for work/student, etc.? I’m currently attending Law School at McGill University.  I previously went to San Diego State University where I double majored in Sports Management and Economics and minor in Finance
What can you tell us about your family life or significant other? All of my family lives in either Toronto or Ottawa so I often visit during holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc).  Both of my brothers are fresh out of school so they both visit frequently.
Gaming Experience
What is your background in sim gaming? To be honest, I have very little experience.  FHM2 is the first real sim game I have used (unless you count 2k).  I have used OOTP Baseball but not extensively
What brought you to SSG? I had been using FHM for a while, but, I had found aspects of the game to be very predictable.  So, in an effort to find a more exciting and more realistic way to play, I started looking into joining online leagues.  One of the first ones that came up was SSG and, after a little more research, I applied
Which leagues are you a part of? Right now, only SSG Hockey.  In the future I will try to branch out but, for right now I’ll stick with what I know
What are some of your favorite sports games, and why? Probably EA’s NHL line of games but that is only because I am hockey crazed.  They’re not very well made but I do enjoy them.  I really love 2k though.  The game is constantly evolving both in terms of graphics, gameplay and other features. Plus, I find it is one of the most realistic console sports games.
Sports Background
Which teams do you root for in real life? As a Torontonian, I’m for every team Toronto.  I love the Raptors, the Jays are great but, I am a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan.  I’m the kind of fan that watched intensely the NHL draft lottery to see if the Leafs would win Auston Matthews or watched every game live on TV no matter how badly they were losing.

The other sports teams I cheer for are the Dallas Stars in the NHL and the Denver Broncos in the NFL.

What is your background in sports? What do/did you play, and at what level? I’ve always been decent at sports but never anything special.  As a kid, I played rep Hockey and rep Basketball.  I still play Hockey recreationally and Basketball for fun.
What is your favorite sports movies, and why? Probably Moneyball.  It’s such a great movie, it’s just so interesting.  Another sports movie I really enjoy is a doc called Red Army. It’s about the Russian International Hockey Team.  Otherwise, does Dodgeball count?
What’s your favorite sports related quote? “There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do”

-Derek Jeter

What’s one thing we’d be surprised to find out about you that you may have not already told us? Probably the only thing that rivals my insane obsession with sports is my love of music.  I enjoy almost all forms and genres of music and I really enjoy listening to it
What are your hobbies outside of gaming and sports? Canoeing, Camping, Listening to Music, Reading (preferably Sci-Fi and Fantasy), Running and Refereeing
What is your superpower? I can whitewater canoe. Very well.
Please share anything else you’d like us to know!

Mike Lowe

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  • October 8, 2016 at 11:13 am

    These may be my favorite articles on SSG. I love learning more about our members. Great job Luke!

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