Nathan Brooks – Vancouver Canucks GM

Each month, SSG will feature a member of our community. Read below to find out more about our very own Vancouver Canucks GM Nathan Brooks!

Tell us a little about yourself. So far we know that you’re the GM of the Vancouver Canucks, and that you’re Canadian, but what else? Hobbies, what do you do for work/school, etc.
Well I am 33 and am married to a lovely lady. I enjoy playing slow pitch baseball and had played hockey until this year when I decided to stop after having a lot of concussions & knee injuries over the years. I also enjoy running and kayaking in the summer. I handle the inventory for a Vancouver based computer company that is across Canada.

In your application you mentioned that you’ve played OOTP since version 9, and the original FHM. How did you get involved in simulated sports software?
I always enjoyed games with strategy or some sort of emphasis on building something up and watching it grow over time. I also really enjoy fantasy baseball, hockey and football.
I believe I first started with East side Hockey Manager in 2005 when I saw it at EB Games and then was looking for a similar game for baseball. This actually had me go looking through some old software disks and I had purchased Baseball Mogul 2007 but I don’t remember liking it very much. Probably through searching the web I came upon OOTP and decided to give it a shot.

How does FHM2 compare to version 1, for those of us who never played the original?
The game is night and day better IMO. While I think FHM 1 was not as bad in the end as it seemed originally FHM 2 is very rock solid in terms of stability first and foremost I have found. Also the inclusion of facegen and people now adding great jersey and helmet packs in addition to the mods that were out have made there feel much more immersion. The match engine also feels a lot better the little bit I have played in it although I prefer to the the AI sim the game as I play as more a manager rather then a coach.

Do you like that FHM2 is built similarly to OOTP Baseball? Assuming you’ve played the EHM franchise, how do the two hockey sims compare to one another?
I really like that FHM 2 is built similar to OOTP. To me it has the “feel” of the game so if your coming over from OOTP it will seem very familiar to navigate around through the rosters, player database during free agency or the draft. I do enjoy the scouting more in FHM 2 as you have individual scouts that you send on assignments. I didn’t play OOTP 16 yet this year but the previous OOTP’s I had had a scouting director that stood in for a scouting staff. It is one change I like that I feel makes it more of an organization I am running. It has been a while since I played EHM but I really like FHM’s database more and finding players. The UI is much cleaner in FHM as well and pleasing to look at. A couple things I did like in EHM was the training camp and pre season felt more like what a real pre season is with camp workouts and inter team games. There was also a nice player comparison tool which compared 2 players ratings directly which I have not seen in FHM 2 although maybe I just have not found that yet… let me know if that is the case!

Are you playing in any other leagues aside from SSG Hockey (online or solo)? If so, how are those leagues different than SSG (good or bad)?
I am playing through a solo game so far and have played a couple years in now. I am also in a created league using user created teams and computer generated players. So far that league has not actually started however while that league is well organized at this point getting team logos and jerseys designed SSG has been great having online chat and a really nice website and forum to discuss things. I feel more connected to the league and other managers because of this. Also the emailed updates are nice for the league file as a quick reminder which we do not have in the other league.

As for the Canucks, what are your short-term and long-term visions for the franchise?
For the Canucks my short term goals this season and next are to rebuild. Unlike the real Canucks GM I am not afraid of a losing season (maybe because my real life job isn’t on the line!¿) I hope to be active at the trade deadline in moving some assets to teams that want to contend and acquiring a few more draft picks and/or prospects. The Canucks do have some solid veterans but they are not going to compete beyond perhaps the 1st round of a playoff series. Long term I look at a team like the Red Wings in the NHL or ST Louis Cardinals in the MLB for inspiration. Continually drafting hidden gems later in the draft and developing these players so that there is always someone coming from below pushing for a spot. I would also like to build on the depth of the farm team so that prospects are playing with more then career minor leaguers and are in a constant battle to stay relevant in the organization.In hockey terms we will put a premium on skill and speed as well as forming a blue line that is the back bone of the team for hopefully a full decade.

As a Canadian, how upset will you be if a non-Canadian GM wins the Stanley Cup? Will it be twice as bad if the team is based in the U.S.? 🙂
As a Canadian I am not to upset in a non Canadian wins. To me hockey is Canada’s game in that it is what we enjoy the most but it is a game to be played by all. I will tip my hat to them on a job well done and look to see what made them successful in winning. It is only twice as bad if the Flames or the Oilers win it all since I can’t stand them Albertans! Plus most teams are filled with Canadians so the trophy will make it’s rounds up here still. I mean my Blue Jays are totally coming back to take the world series and I know everyone in the USA would be happy to have a Canadian team win again. (Actually I am a long time Dodgers fan since I was a kid).

Thanks, Nathan!
Thanks again for letting me share some thoughts!

Mike Lowe

2 thoughts on “Nathan Brooks – Vancouver Canucks GM

  • October 22, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    Nathan not sure if you follow soccer at all but I am a big Whitecaps fan. Do you follow them?
    And what’s wrong with Albertians??? Haha.

  • November 2, 2015 at 9:08 pm

    Hey have not followed the Whitecaps on a day to day routine, I watch them from time to time ! Nothing wrong with actual Albertans just the Oilers bug me with all the gifts they have been given and squandered. Calgary is more cause they are tough, I respect their team though:).

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