SSG Hockey – Rules

SSG Hockey Rules

I. Game & League Setup/Options

Commissioner: Mike Lowe

Assistant Commissioner: Jeff Copeland

Format: We are a daily sim league which sims one real day per sim. The easiest way to think about it is that we follow the NHL schedule exactly.

Roster Database: 2015 (patch 2.1.4) (we always play using the most recent patch. This just indicates the patch from which our original roster was created)

Playable Leagues: All

Cannot be Fired: On

Fog of War: On

Job: General Manager

Game Setup

League Settings

League Rules

II. Transactions

A. Contracts

SSG Hockey handles all contracts, including extensions, within the game itself–if the software will allow it and the player accepts, you’re free to offer whatever contract and incentives you wish.

B. Trading

A trade must fit the following criteria in order for it to be processed:

• A thread must be started on the forum listing the players involved as well as the team and level the player can be found in that team’s most recent export

• The other team(s) involved must reply and approve the deal in the same thread

• Both teams must provide reasoning for the deal. A paragraph wouldn’t kill anyone

• The trade must not add to a team’s negative financial balance

• If any player in the  trade is injured then that must be indicated in the trade write up so that each GM is aware of the injury.