SSG Pro Football – Calendar

Day Date Stage Comments
Monday 27-Jan Welcome to 2018 New Year File available for import. No export required.
Sunday 11-Feb Staff Draft/Stadium Requests Export Staff Draft Preferences/Stadium Renovation Requests (Optional)
Sunday 18-Feb Franchise Tag/Ticket Prices Last chance to apply Franchise Tag. Only time to set ticket prices
Monday 18-Feb WINTER BREAK Plenty of time to examine FA Market. Draft class is also exposed.
Tuesday 13-Mar Aspiring writers add off-season intrigue stories to Web Site
Sunday 25-Feb Optional  3 OPTIONAL interims for those wanting to take a slow, measured approach to FA1
Sunday 4-Mar Optional  The stage will not be advance, but offers can still be made and accepted or rejected
Sunday 11-Mar Optional
Thursday 15-Mar FA1 Can make offers to RFA’s and extensions to players already under contract
Sunday 18-Mar FA2 Unrestricted Free Agency Begins – Free to negotiate with any UFA
Wednesday 21-Mar FA3
Sunday 25-Mar FA4
Wednesday 28-Mar FA5
Sunday 1-Apr FA6
Wednesday 4-Apr FA7
Sunday 8-Apr FA8
Wednesday 11-Apr FA9
Sunday 15-Apr FA10
Wednesday 18-Apr FA11
Sunday 22-Apr FA12
Thursday 26-Apr Draft Begins Slow roll – Will likely last a week or more. GM’s responsibility to register for and understand how to use the conscriptor.
Sunday 13-May LFA1 Unsigned RFA’s become UFA’s. Teams can make offers on any remaining FA’s in the pool, including Veteran UFA’s. Rookie UDFA’s
Sunday 20-May LFA2
Sunday 27-May LFA3
Sunday 3-Jun LFA4
Sunday 10-Jun LFA5
Monday 11-Jun SUMMER BREAK Plenty of time to evaluate roster, devise weight training plan, create/edit playbooks.
Saturday 28-Jul USE IT WELL
Wednesday 1-Aug Pre-Season Week 1 Midweek Pre-Season begins – Injuries are severely curtailed (65 rather than 225), but they DO still occur. Proceed with caution in game planning.
Sunday 5-Aug Pre-Season Week 1 Game Day
Wednesday 8-Aug Pre-Season Week 2 Midweek
Sunday 12-Aug Pre-Season Week 2 Game Day
Wednesday 15-Aug Pre-Season Week 3 Midweek
Sunday 19-Aug Pre-Season Week 3 Game Day
Wednesday 22-Aug Pre-Season Week 4 Midweek
Sunday 26-Aug Pre-Season Week 4 Game Day
Wednesday 29-Aug Pre-Season Week 5 Midweek
Sunday 2-Sep Pre-Season Week 5 Game Day
Regular Season
Wednesday 5-Sep Week 1 Midweek
Sunday 9-Sep Week 1 Game Day Last chance to get to 53. Regular Season kicks off
Wednesday 12-Sep Week 2 Midweek
Sunday 16-Sep Week 2 Game Day
Wednesday 19-Sep Week 3 Midweek
Sunday 23-Sep Week 3 Game Day
Wednesday 26-Sep Week 4 Midweek
Sunday 30-Sep Week 4 Game Day
Wednesday 3-Oct Week 5 Midweek
Sunday 7-Oct Week 5 Game Day
Wednesday 10-Oct Week 6 Midweek
Sunday 14-Oct Week 6 Game Day
Wednesday 17-Oct Week 7 Midweek
Sunday 21-Oct Week 7 Game Day
Wednesday 24-Oct Week 8 Midweek
Sunday 28-Oct Week 8 Game Day TRADE DEADLINE
Wednesday 31-Oct Week 9 Midweek
Sunday 4-Nov Week 9 Game Day
Wednesday 7-Nov Week 10 Midweek
Sunday 11-Nov Week 10 Game Day
Wednesday 14-Nov Week 11 Midweek
Sunday 18-Nov Week 11 Game Day
Wednesday 21-Nov Week 12 Midweek
Sunday 25-Nov Week 12 Game Day
Wednesday 28-Nov Week 13 Midweek
Sunday 2-Dec Week 13 Game Day
Wednesday 5-Dec Week 14 Midweek
Sunday 9-Dec Week 14 Game Day
Wednesday 12-Dec Week 15 Midweek
Sunday 16-Dec Week 15 Game Day
Wednesday 19-Dec Week 16 Midweek
Sunday 23-Dec Week 16 Game Day
Wednesday 26-Dec Week 17 Midweek
Sunday 30-Dec Week 17 Game Day
Wednesday 2-Jan Wildcard Midweek
Sunday 6-Jan Wildcard Game Day
Wednesday 9-Jan Divisional Midweek
Sunday 13-Jan Divisional Game Day
Wednesday 16-Jan Conference Championship Midweek
Sunday 20-Jan Conference Championship Game Day
Wednesday 23-Jan Superbowl Midweek
Sunday 30-Jan Superbowl Game Day