Trade Communication Expectations

Below are the expectations we want all GMs to follow in all leagues that include trading. Any trade that does not follow this procedure will be rejected by the trade committee and not processed by the commissioner.

  1. In trading a marque player (defined via the discretion of the trade committee), a GM must make it known to the entire league. There are many ways to do this, but the league expects the following avenues to be utilized at a minimum:
    1. Mandatory: Rumor Mill channel on Slack and/or the General Discussion channel on Slack for your particular sport.
      1. In utilizing the Rumor Mill, remember that your post should be written as a quick-blurb as if a third party has written it (ie The Atlanta Braves are reportedly shopping Matt Kemp).
      2. If you write a story for the website, it will automatically post to the proper channel, and that will suffice to meet this expectation.
    2. Optional: Update your Rumor Mill team thread on the SSG forums (one thread per team, and no posts for individual players)
    3. Optional: Post your player to the in-game trade block.
    4. Mandatory: Please do not send out league-wide emails about trades (or anything else, really).

Note: If you’re unsure whether your player will be deemed by the committee as a “marque player,” err on the side of caution and post that he’s available–it’s in your best interest to do so anyway as the selling GM, as you’ll generate more interest/offers.