Welcome to Sim Sports Global


It seems likely that if you are here, you are someone who is already playing simulation sports titles. You are someone who already enjoys the role of taking on a sports executive, and you find intrigue in competing against other human adversaries to provide the best challenge available. However, what if there was a way to simulate the experience even more, and on a far grander scale?

Sim Sports Global is a universe which simulates the world of modern-day sports as we know it–on a day-to-day schedule that coincides with our real-life sporting counterparts–and does so all in one centralized experience. This is not a fantasy sports league, and SSG assumes anyone viewing this site is aware of the differences. While on the surface our universe looks like the ones we watch, our leagues have taken on a life of their own.

We currently offer one league for each major professional sport as well as leagues for college/amateur athletics. Over time, the software we use for each league may change, but the format will remain the same. Our goal is to create a universe that is the go-to for simulated sports leagues, and by centralizing our world, we will be able to create a following that, although on a far smaller scale, will aim to reach the exclusiveness of the real-life leagues we watch today. Fans watch their favorite leagues for a number of reasons, but many of those very same reasons will be duplicated at SSG: History and nostalgia, the best talent–both in the simulated players and in recruiting the top-talent to become members for each league–, watching a player’s career evolve across both amateur and professional platforms, and even unique experiences no other league structure could possibly replicate, such as  multi-sport athletes.

Our members oftentimes take the reigns of multiple franchises/teams, and are people like yourself who are looking for that cream-of-the-crop experience when it comes to sports simulation gaming. With so many leagues out there to choose from, we strive to be the best by providing you the only fully organized and consolidated spectrum of sports under one roof in this unique gaming universe.

The software we are currently using:

  • Out of the Park Baseball
  • Bowl Bound College Football
  • Front Office Football
  • Franchise Hockey Manager
  • Fast Break Pro Basketball
  • Fast Break College Basketball
  • Madden, NBA 2K, MLB The Show (PS4)

As mentioned, we are not a fantasy league, so if you’re unsure of the differences between a simulation league/universe and that of one from the fantasy realm, please do some research to familiarize yourself. Odds are though, even if you stumbled upon us looking for fantasy sports, you’ll come to find that simulating those worlds gives you far more control and far more enjoyment when the decisions you make are truly all your own.

It’s important to state that SSG couldn’t exist without the esteemed software companies who have provided us such wonderful simulations over the years:

  • Out of the Park Developments – Out of the Park Baseball, Franchise Hockey Manager
  • Solecismic Software – Front Office Football, The College Years
  • Grey Dog Software – Bowl Bound College Football, Fast Break Pro Basketball, Fast Break College Basketball
  • Sports Interactive – Eastside Hockey Manager, Football Manager
  • Sierra Front Page Sports – A homage to the history of simulated sports

The software we use for each sport is static for that particular season, but are interchangeable beyond that–meaning that we eventually can and will upgrade software for our leagues over time.

Please explore the website, and if interested, fill out an application form for the league(s) you are interested in joining. We use a private Slack chat for most of our league discussion, but you can also head over to the forums to see some more happenings around our many leagues which will help familiarize you with which ones may be the best fit.

Thanks so much for checking us out, good luck, and have fun!